Day 74 – 16 May 2015

Was a cold morning as we packed up on the top of the mountain we had camped on last night. Whilst saying good bye to one of the locals we had got to know, it was suggested we stop next at “The Terraces”, 40 kms north of Leonora. So that’s where we headed, just love those spur of the moment decisions you can make when you don’t have a timetable to stick to.

The road into “The Terraces” is definitely a 4WD option only as there were many soft sandy patches. Also the road would be very difficult to traverse if wet. But we love these sorts of places, as does the Amesz Truck.

The Terraces WA Pano

Soon we arrived at The Terraces and it was obvious they are stunning. This is one of those places we just loved. Absolutely stunning! As we 4WD around we found ourselves a spot to settle down for the day and went off to explore the cliffs on foot. I am sure the overcast conditions added to the visual appeal of the area as the colours were just incredible.

Amesz at The Terraces The Terraces WA 01 The Terraces WA 06 The Terraces WA 05 The Terraces WA 04 The Terraces WA 09 The Terraces WA 07 The Terraces WA 11 The Terraces WA 10 The Terraces WA 02 The Terraces WA 03

Day 75 – 17 May 2015

Sadly left “The Terraces” this morning as there was, as we awoke to rain falling this morning. From the drive into this area, it was obvious the roads here, although sandy, do turn into a river with any water that runs off. So to avoid getting stuck and ripping up the road we packed up quickly and headed off, back towards Leonora. First stop was the visitor’s info centre to enquire if there had been any significant rain out towards Lake Ballard, home of the In Australia Art display. Happily, the centre gave us the all is clear.

On arrival at the display, it was obvious that the rain was not going to be an issue here, well at least in the next few hours, but wind would be. I must compliment Steve who still photographed a couple of the cast iron statues in the most horrible conditions. I refused to take my camera into such conditions. The dust blown up was so bad it managed to coat the inside of the Amesz within minutes of as being at the camping site. Sadly, we decided to move on after a quick walk on the lake.

Lake_Ballard_Sculptures_Steve-3 Lake_Ballard_Sculptures_Steve-2 Lake_Ballard_Sculptures_Steve-1

We decided it would be prudent to head south on the better roads whilst the rain squalls continued. We camped at Hospital Rocks for the night we at least we had rock under the Amesz. It rained on and off all night and the water pooled at the edge of the rocks as it ran down it sides.

Amesz on the Run

Day 76 – 18 May 2015

Another early start today as we continued south west, with at times rain falling on us. It really felt like Amesz on the run.

Eventually we arrived at the Die Hardy Ranges where we decided to stay for a few days to wait out the last of the rain. We 4WD the 17 kms to Pigeon Rocks, a trip that took us 3 hours, not because of the weather (although it did rain a few times), but due to the small branches we need to clear to fit the truck down the tracks.

1926 Sixpence

Whilst exploring the track ahead, I found a 1926 sixpence on the edge of the track in relatively good condition for a coin that had been in the weather between 40 and 80 years. After a few tough kms we came to a point where a bulldozer had recently (within the last few weeks) widened the track all the way to Pigeon Rocks, otherwise we would have turned around and called it a bad decision to head this way.

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