1 – 10 July 2016

You don’t get many opportunities to just sit and enjoy a view, As we are now at one of the world best known natural attractions, Uluru (Ayers Rock)  we decided to sit back and enjoy the views a while. This will also give us time for a couple of spare parts to ordered online to catch up with us for our truck 4WDAUS, to vote and do some serious photography. on the 4 July 2016 we discovered the bottom bolt missing from our front passenger side. A quick trip to the local mechanic fixed this. The missing bushes are carried by us as a spare so sourcing them was not an issue. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.

The lazy days have also given us time to revamp the web page with major efforts from a friend Mianne (Thanks Chicky). Switching from a Joomla webpage to a WordPress Webpage feels a bit like the requirement to switch from Lotus123 to Excel. OK that’s real nerdy, but I am sure some of you will get it. It has also given us time to see Uluru with her many faces or rain, cloud, starry, twilight and full sunshine. The colours change dramatically.

Uluru-Stunning Uluru-Stars Uluru-Starry-Night

OK so what’s been happening? Besides drinking to much coffee to stay warm, we purchased a yearly pass to enter Uluru National Park.

Uluru-Ayers_Rock_Steve-17 Uluru-Ayers_Rock_Steve-16 Uluru - Ayers Rock Banner Pano 02 Uluru-Ayers_Rock_Steve-3 Uluru-Ayers_Rock_Steve-2

We said goodbye to Dieter and Hanna.


We saw the International Space Station in the twilight as it headed over Uluru.

We met Basa with his Phantom DJ 3 drone.


We also met a lovely family from California who are doing a quick vacation to Australia. There next stop is Fraser Island and then onto Sydney. We soon discovered that Taylor is a budding young accountant. It was lovely meeting such a nice family.


Steve and I have also been working on our photographic technic re star fields. Here is my favourite.


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