Day 55 – 27 April 2015

Rest day at Smoky Bay. Enjoyed a long walk down the shell beaches to some points. These beaches are made up of broken down shells and not sand.

Smoky_Bay_Steve-3 Smoky_Bay_Steve-4

Day 56 – 28 April 2015

Left camp early this morning determined to head a little more west today. Although the weater is cold, it is warm during the day and the clouds have left us.

First stop was Ceduna for food, water and fuel (150 litres @ $134.9). Also time to visit the laundry for a wash and dry before a quick lunch and off down the Eyre Highway.

Whilst filling up with fuel we met Peter and his wife who own a 2010 Fuso dual cab truck with super single tyres like ours and a Northstar camper in the back. This is the first vehicle we have seen that closely resembles ours.


First stop after lunch was Penong, famous for its windmills on the Eastern approach to town. It is also famous for the last General Store for 1000kms.

Penong General Store Penong_Windmills_Steve-3

8 years ago we found a little rusty truck abandoned in a paddock which we photographed. We have always loved our photos of it and we wanted to know if it had survived the years since we had been there. Surprise, the little rusty truck was still there and except for a much larger bush beside it than 8 years ago.

Rusty Truck Front Bookabie_Rusty_Truck_Steve-1

A short drive from here are some stone homes and school ruins which we took the chance to revisit before heading onwards to Fowlers Bay.


Camp today was found in on the cliff tops along the Great Australian Bite near Wahgunyah. Beautiful soft sunset with mostly clear skies, the first in days.

Wahgunyah Cliffs Sunset Post Wahgunyah_Steve-2

Penong_Windmills_Steve-2 Penong_Windmills_Steve-1


Smoky_Bay_Steve-5 Smoky_Bay_Steve-8

Glen_Boorie_School_Steve-4 Glen_Boorie_School_Steve-2 Glen_Boorie_School_Steve-1 Coorabie_Truck_Steve-1

Wahgunyah_Steve-4 Wahgunyah_Steve-1

Day 57 – 29 April 2015

The sound of the ocean is just wonderful to sleep by, I will miss it when we head inland. As we sat drinking our morning coffee a pod of dolphins made their way westward, surfing the waves as they broke along the shore line.

Decided on a long walk this morning to a rocky point east of here. I still find it amazing we have such a large piece of coastline to ourselves.

Wahgunyah_Steve-5 Wahgunyah_Steve-6 Wahgunyah_Steve-7

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