3 Sept 2020

One of the states we have not really given the time it deserves is Queensland. With the borders firmly shut to NSW and NT, what better time to right this oversight than to take a trip. So with not idea of where we are heading or for how long its time to go. First day set a new record for us, we travelled 25kms before setting up camp. Our spot is not remarkable except its quiet and secluded.

4 Sept 2020 – 6 Sept 2020

First stop today is Gympie where Alison wanted some time on the pistol range. Wonderfully, the guys also bought along their rifles, its been over 12 months since we have had them out. A good morning on the range. From here we set our nose north arriving at the Woodgate end of Kinkuna National Park. This is still one of our favourite places in Australia to camp at. Strangely we were stuck in the sand not 20m from our campsite last time we came here, so when we did it again this year we had a good laugh about it. Tyre pressures down we were setup in camp in no time. Time to rest a bit and organise some thoughts on which way to go from here. The view from the dune here is lovely and we get a huge full moon on sunset over the ocean through the oak trees.

7 Sept 2020

Monday upon us, it was time to head into Bundaberg to catch up on shopping, water, gas, fuel and a couple of essentials before starting the adventure west. The weather has started to rain on and off, not heavily, but it is certainly nicer to be driving in this weather. Whilst at the beach we had dropped the pressures in the sand to 30psi. Must admit, it has been the best 4WDaus has handled in the sand. So first job after leaving the sand was the air up again. Then on to Bundaberg. From here we set Bulburin State Forest as the goal for today arriving about 3pm. A peaceful  sanctuary amongst the gum trees and many bird calls. Set off for a walk between the rain events.

8 Sept 2020

Today we decided on a relatively short trip to Kroombit Tops. The route we choose meant we got into camp just on 6pm. A long day. But we did see some interesting places including the abandoned copper mine near Glassford Creek, the Monal Cemetery and Monal Stamper and Goldfields.  From here the roads were a lot more difficult than we guessed and we had to traverse them a lot slower pace. We had some incredibly steep tracks and one long steady climb. 3 hours to do about 50kms at some points just managing a few km/hour. Arrived at Kroombit Tops Lookout just after sunset.

9 Sept 2020

Rest day spent at the lookout. What started as an overcast day turned into a beautiful warm day. Caught up on tax returns, phone calls and a few maintenance tasks on the truck. Also gave us some time to plan a few days ahead.

10 Sept 2020

After a good night sleep, we headed off early. Our goal was to make tracks to Mackenzie River near Comet. We decided to take the easy way down from Mt Kroombit instead of Razerback Track. This took us close to Calliope and onwards to near Biloela. The back roads also took us along close to Woorabinda before joining the Capricorn Highway. The trucks have really made the flat top (the highway) bumpy and uncomfortable to use. Mackenzie River was just wonderful, we were so happy to have such a lovely place to rest.

11 Sept 2020

We decided today to get into Emerald to top up with fuel, water and food. This set us up to head bush again through Sapphire and Rubydale. We pushed on to Theresa Creek for a great campsite over looking a small water hole. This water hole had a Jabiru fishing in it. Strange seeing a Jabiru so far from the north.

12 Sept 2020 – 13 Sept 2020

The journey today took us onto the dry plains towards Clermont and then to Lake Dunn in Uplands. The lake had plenty of water in it and much birdlife. The kangaroos came down to the lake edge on sunset. Such a lovely spot we stayed 2 days. On the day 2 we drove out to explore Lake Galilee for a walk.

14 Sept 2020

We left early this morning to do the Lake Dunn sculpture trail. There are many and varied outback Australian themed sculptures to enjoy. We arrived in Aramaic in hope of a pub dinner, sadly we found the pub doesn’t do dinner Monday nights. So instead we had some great hot showers and gave 4WDaus a wash down to assist in not spreading weeds. Camped on the local camping ground near an abandoned railway bridge.

15 Sept 2020

The plan was to head to Muttaburra today. Before heading off we completed a couple of more of the Lake Dunn Sculpture trail. On arrival in Muttaburra we found a cute little town, clean and with a few museums to explore. From here we found a great little camping spot on the edge of a waterhole in the shade to relax the afternoon away. Camped on the edge of the Cornish Creek.


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