Day 186 – 4 September 2015 to Day 189 – 7 September 2015


Wow how do I start this entry? OK Yes we left Nambung Station for the 2nd time. And yes we are back again. With the Toyota Land Cruiser Club of WA headed for Nambung Station it was all hands on deck, so Steve and I completed our wildflower circuit and headed for home (ops I meant Nambung). On arrival, Steve was on the whipper snipper and I was collecting wood for a fire and welcoming guests. The majority of the TLCC arrived on the Friday night. Steve and I had a great time meeting the members.


I was up bright and early and off rallying the camp for a morning walk along Frederick Smith Creek. Next was the station tour with 20 or so people, the largest group I have taken on tour. The club bought scones with them for morning tea which we took at Nambung’s highest point overlooking the paddock named Flowerbag. On arrival back at station, more people had arrived and after a quick lunch it was another 8 for a tour. Before I knew it the day was over and the entertainment was starting in the huge shed Nambung uses for its day to day activities like shearing. There was a lamb on the spit, BBQ sizzling and music playing. The shed was filled with station visitors and friends from Cervantes. It was a wonderful evening. Must admit I was so tired from the day I fell asleep at 8:30pm exhausted. But what an excellent day.


Another tour this morning – this time 6. This was my last day riding around in the gator (John Deer Gator). Brian even took me up for one last flight over Nambung Station, and I realised how much I was going to miss it. A little later Steve and I , with Brian did one last sheep muster before it was time to finish clearing the shed from the big do and then seeing Brian off for the last time. I admit I did shed a tear as I waved good bye to Brian as he taxied down the run way and took off to Cervantes. Then it was time to play camp hosts one last time before having a late night coffee with Sonia. Sonia gave us a beautiful card which we will treasure. We will certainly miss her!

Toyota_4WD_Club_Nambung_Trip-1 Toyota_4WD_Club_Nambung_Trip-7 Toyota_4WD_Club_Nambung_Trip-6 Toyota_4WD_Club_Nambung_Trip-5 Toyota_4WD_Club_Nambung_Trip-4 Toyota_4WD_Club_Nambung_Trip-3


8am and time to say good bye to some wonderful guests leaving the camping ground before we did the same thing. Boschie, Brian’s main man on the station arrived to wish us farewell, not before telling us we need to remove a few more fences for him and chase some sheep. It was so very hard leaving Nambung and Sonia, and yes I cried again.

First stop was Cervantes to say goodbye to of our friends, sadly we missed Ivan, but happily we caught John, Mariee and Frank. Next stop was Jurien Bay for some extra food. Also stopped at Geraldton before camping a little further north.

Sonia and Tillly

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