10 March 2016

Last night we felt the first rain since leaving Brisbane. It is such a nice feeling being high and dry in 4WDaus.


After breakfast we were ready for Jim to show us some of his person favourites of the high country. First stop was Cope Hut. A corrugated iron hut with a fantastic view across the valleys.

Cope's_Hut_Pano_01 Cope-Hut Cope-Hut-Interior

Next stop was Wallace’s Hut, I think this is Jim’s favourite. Jim has an amazing blown up photo of this hut with some snow gums in the foreground. It is certainly a wonderful image.

Wallace's Hut-Bogong_High_Plains_Pano_02

At our next stop was an Earthcruiser with a sea canoe on racks. Appears this is one of their lighter vehicles, about the 4.5 tonnes.



After a few more stops we had lunch at an old cattle yard before it was time to say goodbye to Jim. We have been totally spoilt by Jim. We thank him for sharing his favourite locations and for his company. We look forward to seeing Jim again next visit.

Bogong-High-Plains Bogong-High-Plains-Sunset High-Country-View Pretty_Valley_Pondage_Pano_02

Next item for the day was to find water as we were running very low. Thank you Falls Creek for the fill up, it was the freshest water we have tasted.

Afternoon spent processing photos and enjoying the views.

11 March 2016

Today we sat on the Bogong High Plains and simply watched the weather go past us at a great speed. One moment it was cloudy, the next it was raining and then its was sunny, before it did it all again. The view here down the valley was beautiful.


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