9 June 2016

It was only a short drive today to Alice Springs, but there was a few gorges to explore on the way.

Traphine Gorge was great 1 hour walk alone the ridgetop and back down the dry river bed.


Trephina_Gorge-4 Trephina_Gorge-2 Trephina_Gorge-5 Trephina_Gorge-6 Trephina_Gorge-7


On reaching Alice Springs it was time to shop for food, fuel and some spares. The Finke Desert race is on this weekend and this is why we are here.

OKA045 and Finke Desert Race

10 June 2016

Rest day in Alice Springs in prep for the Finke Desert Race. Met OKA045 Harry and Jenny. Another in great condition OKA.

OKA045-Front OKA045-Side

Also got talking to race competitors Shawn, Link and Wazza. Nice looking Yamaha WR450F. Good luck guys.

Shawn-Link-Wazza-Finke Brett-Wazza-Finke

As we parked under a tree yesterday we need to recharge the batteries, so we decided to take the truck for a run. So off the the Finke Desert Race to buy some great jackets. We also got to walk around the entrants and talk to them and have a few photos.

Alison got an opportunity to stand under the stand finish banner reproducing our first discovery of the Finke Desert Race in 1999.

Back to the caravan park for a 4:30 departure to the Finke Desert Race scrutineering and Ian Moss in concert.

Booth-Racing No-Limits-Racing Thomas-Foods

Many of the teams have free giveaways including hats and stickers.

Alison also met and had her photograph taken with Charles Woolly from Channel 9’s 60 Minutes.


Fat Boy Slim Dusty was the first band for the night and they were excellent. At 7:30pm Ian Moss performed solo in front of a home town audience.


Finke_Scrutineering_Event-1 Finke_Scrutineering_Event-3 Finke_Scrutineering_Event-6 Finke_Scrutineering_Event-9 Finke_Scrutineering_Event-7 Finke_Scrutineering_Event-2 Finke_Scrutineering_Event-5



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