April – May 2020

We have been so very worried about our friends Neil and Connie. They have been in Australia since we saw them in Thailand and now with more and more airlines cancelling flights around the world they have been forced to finish their holiday here early and fly back to Germany, a country in much worse shape than Australia. We didn’t want them to go and a scared what they face flying home. We were also concerned they may only get halfway back to Germany before a connecting flight becomes cancelled. Must admit we sat up for the whole of their trip home monitoring every step of the way on flight monitors. We were happy they arrived safely and nervously kept in contact for the next 14 days making sure they were well.

12 May 2020

Just got some terrible news, our friend Connie (of Neil and Connie) has taken a fall and smashed her knee. Thank you goodness she was home in Germany and she has Neil to take care of her. Over the next few days, Connie would be in and out of hospital. Get well soon dear!

June 2020

There are some periods of your life you don’t wish to live twice, the last 4 months is one of them. The stresses associated with Covid-19, my mums death, friend’s injury and my own health have been terrible. There are some days, keeping you head above the water is very hard.

July 2020 – From Bad to Worse

8 July – I received an initial test result for cancer. The doctors were fantastic and quickly organised a stay in hospital for further tests. Sadly, any idea of a trip north have been put on hold. Happily, my friends have rallied around me and I know I am so lucky to have them in my life.

21 July into hospital for tests in Hervey Bay.

August 2020

4 August – Test results back – All good! Yay, but will now need regular checks every 2 years. Must admit, the sheer relief of tension, I just cried in the corner for an hour. Think it was a mixture of happiness and relief! Now time to plan a holiday away up north somewhere.

In the meantime, the Covid-19 situation in Australia and in particular Victoria has deteriorated and Qld has now closed its border with NSW.


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