Amesz Takes on Blue Rag Ridge Track

21 March 2016

9am towards Omeo were the coffee and cake shops were a sight. Steve sat an exam while I went for a walk around town where I met Eric and Ann in their Canter FG639. Their canter had been fitted with Hankooks Dynapro tyres, ssa springs and Sachs shocks. Also to assist with economy they had also fitted gas achieving 13l / 100kms.

Canter-FG639-Eric Canter-FG639-Eric--Ann

The rest of the Amesz headed off for Mt Hotham. Once Steve finished his exams we chased down the rest of the group.

1:30p. Lunch on blue rag track where a family has gone missing – failing to return to campsite previous night.

Both Alan and Ian took their 4WDs along Blue Rag Ridge Track. Chillout and 4WDaus were also game to take on the extremely steep decent and ascent.

Blue-Rag-Track-Amesz-XKY Blue-Rag-Ridge-Track-Pano Blue-Rag-Rdige-View-Pano

All went Smoothly except Alan’s final ascent back to the rest of the Amesz Group where he became stuck in the loose shale rock. 4WDaus to the rescue and it was amazing to see the power of the canter truck as it tugged away at the triton.


After a short drive from Blue Rag we camped. Darryl and the guys built a fantastic fire and wind break. Sadly the cloud, mist and rain moved in, but the stalwarts we were we tried to endure.

Lankeys_Hut_Camp-1 Lankeys_Hut_Camp-2 Lankeys_Hut_Camp-3 Lankeys_Hut_Camp-4

 Below is a gallery of more photos of our day. Click on one to see it closer up.