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The Journey Home 2018

8 November 2018

With the Nambung Country Music Muster for 2018 behind us and all cleaned up, it was time to celebrate it and Steve’s upcoming birthday. So Gloria put on an old fashioned country roast dinner with crustless lemon meringue pie. An awesome meal and celebration was had by all.

9 November 2018

As this was Steve and Alison’s last day at Nambung for the year they headed off to do one last exploration of the Painted Desert.

10 -11 November 2018

Goodbye Nambung, Cervantes and all our friends for another year. Today we took to the road towards Perth. We were excited as we also got the chance to catchup to Daryl and Kath in Perth as as they had now returned. Kath spoilt us with a beautiful meal and boys enjoyed some quite drinks. Daryl helped us with some truck maintenance. His evil eye even found some issues we had not been aware of yet. So next thing Daryl had the welder out fixing them.

12 November 2018

It is always sad to say goodbye to our friends. See you next time Daryl and Kath ad thank you again for everything you have done for us.

Happy Birthday Steve! Today we left Perth and headed east. Of course we stopped for a birthday treat for Steve at a cake shop. Birthday dinner was Green Thai Curry, of course!

13 November 2018

The plan from here is to make our way to the Gawler Rangers in SA. Today we travelled through Norseman and onto 90 Mile Straight before finding camp for the night.

14 November 2018

Today was another driving day. But hat didn’t mean we did stop for some photos along the way!

15 November 2018

Today we finally reached the Gawler Ranges. We have attempted to get here a few times, only to find the weather against us. Our first site to visit was the Organ Pipes. A strange rock formation which some say resemble the pipes of a church organ. The next stops were the stone dam, an old farm house, Kolay Mirica Falls and a few other sites before we left the National Park.

16 November 2018

How often do you find a submarine in the middle of nowhere? We thats what we found today on our way from Gawlers Ranges to Hancock Lookout.

Another strange thing to encounter today was the council lifting shopping trolleys out of the river at Port Augusta.

17 November 2018

After a good nights sleep we set our sights on Broken Hill in NSW for the day. This route takes you through one of the most drought affected areas and also the most road kill we have even seen along the side of a road. Of course to get there we took the back roads travelling through Hammond and Eurelia.