Calliope Rodeo 2021

Photographs from Bulls, boots and BBQ at Calliope 2021

What to do that is completely different this weekend? Let’s go to the Calliope Rodeo. Our last rodeo was Kununurra in 2006, so it’s been a long time between rides, so to speak. This small town rodeo was large on action and entertainment. Normally held in September, Covid gave us the chance to see it in January.  The afternoon kicked off with the junior events including a camp draft, bull and steer riding. By early evening, the main event kicked in with more bull riding and Luke Geiger and his band on main stage. The event drew a large crowd  (possibly 3,000) and there were many families enjoying the fun evening.

It always amazes us what the youth can do at these events.The camp draft events had a wide range of entrants from knee high to adults. The bull and steer riding attracted the more of the adventurous entrants and were not just limited to the guys, with the girls joining in. There was also a large number of entrants in the under 15 events. It was great to see the veterans at it!  In this sport a veteran is someone over 40 – wow do we feel old now! The other incredible group to watch in action were the guys protecting the riders during their rides (the Rodeo Protection Athletes), sometimes having to release the riders from their strapped in position as they get dragged along by the bull. Some riders took some pretty big hits to their bodies, receiving kicks from the bull. And those Protection Athletes took some pretty heavy battering from the bulls too…all in the name of protecting the riders.

Bull riding is one of the most dangerous 8 second sports there is! The rules are pretty simple. The rider attempts to stay on the bull for 8 seconds with the use of 1 hand only. To get a judges score they must ride for at least 8 seconds and are scored out of 100. Most scores are 60 – 70, a good ride is 80 or above.

The Calliope Rodeo was a fun event and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Many thanks to Calliope Rodeo and Special Events!!!!