Coolah Tops National Park

Coolah Tops National Park – So Awesome!

30 April – 6 May 2019

After a few days in Tamworth it was off to Coolah Tops to do some more bush walking. It took a little longer to get away from Tamworth as I needed to shop for supplies before I left. This would put me in the middle of the a big rain dump which can do terrible things to the roads out this way. I was fortunate to arrive at camp before the rain settled in, but 4WDaus got a little muddy on the way!

One big advantage of a rain event is to make the waterfalls run. Not something you get to see on your average visit.

7 -8 May 2019

Today was a huge day. It started at 3am with the getting up to watch the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower 2019. It was amazing and I was so glad I made the effort even though I froze. Next place to see was the eastern end of Coolah Tops to explore some new territory. Here I found the Largest Snow Gum Tree, a hut, Breeze Lookout and Shepherds Peak.  Roads were a little sticky, but had mostly dried out. I even was lucky enough to have a close encounter with wombat. Awesome!

On arrival back at the western end, it was time to meet up with Neil and Connie who were in the final week of their tour outback. Of course Thai Green Curry was on (supplied by Alison) – happy to know all survived the dish.

9 May 2019

It was just a wonderful wonderful catchup with the guys and I must admit being a little sad they were heading off. As I was heading for my bush walk for the day I hear this “Surprise” we are going to stay another day! WooHoo!!

10 May 2019

With the weather closing in on us – we both headed to Coolah for morning tea. The guys were headed north and me south. Neil spoilt me with pie, cake and coffee. Yum. About 11am we departed.

I made it into Mudgee to catchup on washing and some shopping before heading to Ilford.