Day 7 – Baxter Cliffs to Kalgoorlie

Jan 2 2009

Another cloudless morning today. We ventured further down the cliffs to catch the morning sun before we headed back to the Eyre Highway.

Baxter Cliffs Pano 02 Baxter Cliffs Pano 01 Baxter Cliffs 01 Baxter Cliff Plain 01

It’s was a relatively short trip down the Eyre Highway to our next detour & Balladonia.

Our next decision, in hind sight,proved not to be our best. We headed north to the Trans Continental Railroad. It was not too long before we hit the first bull dust hole. The detour proved to be 180kms of bull dust! The dust penetrated every square centimetre of the 4WD.  Once we turned left on the road at Zanthus, the road improved dramatically and we made good time towards Kalgoorlie. Zanthus was the only railway siding that we found that had any buildings around it & it certainly was not deserted as described on our map.

We took the decision to camp outside Kalgoorlie (approx ½ hour) and to make the run for an early breakfast at McDonalds. We soon found out that there are many goats in this bush camping area with bleeps & naaan as the sun went down.

Camp Kalgoorlie

Camp Kalgoorlie