The Girls go Shopping in Dhaka

2 Oct 2010

A half day shopping with Rani and her daughter.

Dhaka Young Man 01 Dhaka Trader 03 Dhaka Trader 02 Dhaka Trader 01 Dhaka Street Shop 01 Dhaka Side Street 01 Dhaka Cobbler 02 Dhaka Food 01 Crushed Cane Drink Stand 01

4 Oct 2010

Presented with gifts by our generous hosts. My new traditional Bangladeshis top to wear. Some of the team leave for Australia. I am to stay longer as the project still requires some more assistance.

Dean Darren 01 Alison Darren 01

6 Oct 2010

Another Henna Tattoo – I just love these designs. I met a bride at the salon who was on her 2 day of marriage ceremony which was supposed to last 3 days. That’s hard work!

8 Oct 2010

Whilst on my morning walk with a work college I met an older gentleman who then decided he would take my hand and tell me his life story, which I had no chance of understanding as I don’t speak the local language. My dear work college just laughed and kept an eye on me until he had told his story (about 15 minutes).

 14 Oct 2010

Started to take my camera on the walk this morning. I usually walk through the slum to the river where the fisherman sit.

Bashundhara Fisherman 04

Had a late night coffee, the first proper coffee in days and wow did it work, no sleep for me!

15 Oct 2010

This morning walk I passed a butcher who was preparing his business for the day in the local village – Whilst I have been staying in Dhaka there has been a mad cow disease breakout and our hosts would not let us eat any local beef. Goat was an excellent substitute.

Gulshan Village Butcher01