Hello Northern Territory!

Day 217 – 5 Oct 2015

Awoke early around 5.30am had breakfast and left camp by 6.00am. Temp was 17 degrees. The road east out of the camp had been recently upgraded although corrugation’s soon returned.

Smoke still lying around after last nights fire that we saw in the east. Quite a haze, with not much wind to disperse it.


The temporature in the truck, as we drive east into the sunrise, was 18 degrees. Pity it won’t stay that way. The predominant tree in this area is the she oak. Its a nice change from the red sand dune, kilometre upon kilometre.

We stopped at the Len Beadel plaque 16 km east of Jupiter Well. Originally 450m off road on original road. This was the area where the fires were, but fortunately, the fires had been on the other
side of the road. The smell of smoke is thick in the air.

Roads have been freshly graded and even built up in some areas, but in other areas, the bull dust holes seemed a bit deeper. We even came to one spot where a camel had been sauntering up the middle of the road.

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The trip today will require us to head to the WA/NT border and fuel, although we might take on 20 litres at Kiwirrkurra.

About 90 km west of Kiwirrkurra we hit a long sandy section and had to drop the hubs in and engage 4wd high, just to make the driving easier. By 7.24am and temp in cabin is 32.4 degrees. 71Km west of Kiwirrkurra west of Stopped at Comms Tower near top of a ridge – decommissioned – solar panels gone as are all electronics, this is a relic of the NBN rollout.

250km from Kintore and 62 from Kiwirrkurra. Just over half tank of fuel and 20 litres in reserve. Adversly affecting fuel we are finding we are driving into a head wind today, this will not be good for fuel.

8.20am Going through Pollock Hills. Stopped for a drink and some photos .20km out of Kiwirrkurra.

Arriving in Kiwirrkurra, it took a little while to locate the old Len Beadell truck that was lost when it caught fire. We also redid our calculation and decided we did not require additional fuel. Fuel here is approx $3 per litre.

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9.54 passed the ANGUS hills, a large Mesa type of mountain.

10.03 encountered a section of white graveled road topping. Quite glary. Still was corrugated

10.30am 37.7 degrees . 63 km off NT border.

Passed first vehicle in many days. A large truck carrying water.

11.00am 39.3 degrees 30 kms from border

1124am reached NT border 40.1 degrees . Adjusted clocks as we crossed the border and stopped for the photo opportunity.

Reaching Kintore about 2.00pm, we put in 123.26 litres of diesel @ $2. The bowsers here are housed in a besser block shed.

Kintore is an interesting place. It has about 400 residents and sit at the foot of a range of mountains. The locals call these mountains, Mens Mountain and Womens Mountain.



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Just out of Kintore we passed our second vehicle of the trip…it was coming speeding towards us….it passed us.. A police 4wd….

With excess fuel we swithed the air conditioner on.. What a blessing. feel a bit more human

2.35pm. Passed a large Isuzu bus.. They are coming thick and fast. The third in three days. Getting to be like Pitts St sydney

Two or three more 4wds with Caravans and trailers heading west. Today must be travelling day. We decided to camp near the Mt Liebig.