Hello Snowy Mountains

27 March 2016

You could see people were genuonly sad for our little group to separate and go our individual ways today. We were happy that we will get to see Neil and Connie in a few weeks in Brisbane again. Steve and I thank Darryl and Kath for organising this years catchup. We really look forward to seeing everyone again. Safe travels Dawn and Sue, Andy and Raylene, Neil and Connie, Darryl and Kath and Dave and Jill. Also best wishes to Alan and Heather, Ian and Chris, Les and Beryl and Rob and Chicka.

Today we travelled toward Mt Kosciuszko with Dave and Jill. There was a little excitement when we were passed by Charley Boorman’s tour group Compass Tours. Sadly Charley was not with them as he is currently ill, but we believe Mick Doohan and Ross Noble were there.

Camped on the Murray River in NSW.

28 March 2016

Today we (4WDaus and Roam Free) took to the Snowy Mountains. First stop being the Snowyhydro for a tour and a look through the information display. It is quite complex how all the dams are managed and when the generation side of their business is bought on line.

After a few stops at lookouts we arrived at Tom Groggin. Here we crossed the Murray River again back into Victoria. This was the first time we have wet our wheels properly in the high country.

We are also within a few kms from where the mighty Murray River starts (36°47′46″S 148°11′40″E). This is just 40kms from Mt Kosciusko (Australia’s highest mountain at 2,229m)


Next stop was down Davies Plains Track at Dogman’s Hut.

Finally we all camped on the NSW side of the Murray Rv.