7 – 24 Dec 2020

Today we said goodbye to our little unit in Rainbow Beach, sold, new owners get access to it today. We are positive and it is time to chase some waterfalls and make some plans on life’s direction.

Must admit, we wrongly self imposed the want for a replacement house has raised stress levels somewhat, but that state of mind is changing. Being homeless aside it feels so good being back in 4WDAUS, this time full-time. There is certainly and adventure to be had awaiting us.

The rain has set in on the east coast which should make the waterfalls a sight to see. It has taken the sand away from Rainbow Beach once more exposing Mudlo Rocks. It has also shown why Rainbow Beach was once called Black Beach as the mineral sands darken the waves.

Sadly as the covid clouds were just starting to clear across Australia it has started going to hell in a hand basket again with the Northern Beaches of Sydney loosing containment of the virus. The knock on affect with us is questions over state borders remaining open and the fear you could become stuck in an area that you don’t want to be. Therefore our chasing waterfalls fun has been placed on hold. The positive of this is we get to explore an area we have lived in for 3 1/2 years. Interesting we have found great little spots to relax and enjoy.

One of these areas is Tin Can Bay! Even though we have visited here a few times, parking the 4WDAUS on the water edge has been such an eye opener to how lovely this area is. One of the boats we can see from our little parking place is the former Sydney Ferry The Lady Woodwood.

25 -31 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas all. We had one of the best Christmas’s / New Years this year, surrounded by ghost gums on a ridge with a gentle cooling breeze. Just terrific! Also to spoil ourselves we did a last minute shop at Woolworths for all our favourite foods! Friends John and Kerry, sent us a little box of gifts which we opened on Christmas day as well. Just so spoilt!