Jurien Bay to Rainbow Beach

The Plan

So much planning has gone into the next rushed trip to Rainbow Beach. The plan was to drive 4WDaus there and back, spending 2 weeks enjoying SA. This was because WA would allow us back in if we had NOT been in Qld for 2 weeks, Luckily SA would let us in from Qld, no problem. Whilst we are in Rainbow, we need to pack our things and car transport one of our vehicle to Jurien, driving 4WDaus and the other vehicle back.

15 October 2021

Left Nambung Station to camp at Moora for the night. Distance travelled 80kms

16 October 2021

Left Moora early and made it to near Southern Cross – Distance travelled 870kms.

17 October 2021

Left camp 8.24am headed east, crossed the WA/SA border at 3:30pm. Certainly a few trucks on the border awaiting clearance to enter WA.

Found camp near Coorabie about 8pm. Enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

18 October 2021

Another early start today as we headed into Port Augusta for fuel. From Port Augusta we headed north up the Outback Highway. Camped near Leigh Creek. Sadly, we would find out we picked up some dirty fuel today.

19 October 2021

Left camp 7.13am very windy. Went into Leigh Creek for toilets. Very clean town but quite deserted. Mine closed in 2015. From here, to avoid travelling into NSW we headed up the Strezlecki track at Lyndhurst about 8am. Going was hard due to very strong headwinds, Lucky the roads have been tar to this point.

8.50am we reached the end of bitumen – approximately 80kms east from Lyndhurst.

12.18pm reached Moomba..after that road conditions deteriorated a bit.

1pm we turned towards Innaminka, concerned that 4WDAUS was idling very rough

The last 15 kms into innamincka was bitumen. We arrived at 1:40pm. Replaced the fuel filter and bled the system. Decided to head for Thargominah to see a mechanic.

By 3pm we crossed border into Queensland at the Nappa Merrie Crossing, avoiding NSW. This detour added about 400kms to the trip.

Stayed in the yard of Turnouts Mechanical Service in Thargomindah that night.

20 October 2021

Rob the owner and Michael the mechanic drained fuel tanks and added new fuel 20l. Flushed fuel system. All good! Just dirty fuel grr! We added another 40l at servo across road, which Rob owns too.

Left 11.50am and made it to the eastern side of St George where we bush camped for the night.

21 October 2021

Left camp 6.26am and arrived in Rainbow Beach at 2.30pm.