New England 2014 – Day 1

15 December 2014

Off to a rough start. Yesterday the compressor was left on in the truck and normally this would not be an issue, but it decided to blow a pipe which switched it to run constantly. As the compressor draws 40-50 amps this has the ability to drain the batteries in quick time. Steve had designed the camper battery system to be independent of the truck system so you didn’t find yourself in a position of not being able to start the truck and this type of event demonstrated his design was good. Fortunately, the compressor had only been running an hour before we discovered it. A call to Trade Tools, we expected this could be expensive, but to their credit, they pulled one from a spare they had and gave it to us no charge. Turns out this is a common manufacturing issue and a consequence of over tightening the copper pipe.

Travel today is Brisbane to Queen Mary Falls via Beaudesert down the Queensland / NSW border. It always amazes us how they ever figured out this border as it is certainly not a straight line. First photographic stop was Carrs Lookout which looks out over the Condamine River.