New England 2014 – Day 3

17 December 2014

Woke this morning to a beautiful day. I must have slept badly on my neck something, that has not bothered me since Sydney. So to help loosen up my neck a it, I headed off for a walk. As I climbed the cliff face next to the gorge I was rewarded with amazing views back across the Clarence River.

Decided to return to the Amesz and bring Steve up for a look. Left camp about 10:30 heaed through Pretty Gully and Drake before heading down Macleod Creek and the Rocky River.

Paddys_Flat_02 Clarence-River

Travelling along the Rocky River, there were many no camping areas. Occasionally, we came across a managed camping areas next to pretty pools in the river. Stopped for lunch at Macleads Creek.

Many hours later found our intended exit from this valley was not a through road. Our second exit was signed no trespassers so we turned around and found a camp in state forest.

This camp site was one of the prettiest river camps I remember. We spent the afternoon sitting in our chairs in the rapids drinking cans of drink to cool down as it had been 34 degrees today.


Steak and rissoles by the river tonight. As the sun set we found ourselves in masses of flying and insects that attacked the external LEDs lights.