New England 2014 – Day 4

18 December 2015

2am this morning a thunder and lightning storm hit. We lost track of the number of lightning strikes and thunder claps. River was up a few inches this morning. A rest day was declared today which gave us plenty of time to sit and soak up the bush. Seems we must be right under a major flight path as we can hear and see aircraft making their way leaving their vapour trails as the cross the sky.

I had a close call today when we were putting up the awning this morning. A red belly black snake decided to come up behind me and Steve spotted it in time to stop me walking back on it. Eventually, the Red Belly Black snake was off into the river – wow they can move fast. Feeling like a walk today, I headed up the nearest ridge on to find myself on the cliff side of a gorge. Beautiful views back to the truck nestled on the bank of the river.


Sitting out the front of the truck we saw a large goanna makes its way up the opposite bank.

Sitting here I have stated to remember why I love this so much. No internet, no phones no media reports on people killing other people, just the sound of water making its way through the Rapids to the next pool in the river. Wow how I have forgotten the important things in life! Life doesn’t need to be anything else than simple pleasure.

Steve looked so really happy yesterday, chair in the rapids, beer in his hand with the sun behind the clift we are camped next too. Been a long time since I have seen him that relaxed.

Storm built up at 2pm today but this was still enough time for us to sit in the creek and watch it come over the mountains. Movie afternoon with spaghetti for dinner.