North from Sydney

30 -31 May 2019

The last week or so, it been much cooler than it has been on the trip so far. Today we started north from Sydney, eventually finding the Barrington Tops National Park. We drove 4WDaus to the top of Gloucester Tops which is over 1300m and enjoyed some bush walking.

1 June 2019

After catching up on a little shopping in Taree we headed into Lansdowne Forest and found a great little camping spot.

2 June 2019

Today we set off to explore Coorabakh National Park. Todays high lites included Big Nellie, Flat Rock Lookout, Newbys Cave and Newbys Lookout.

3 June 2019

We were spoilt with a beautiful sunrise over  a misty / foggy valley. We decided to go in search of Big Fella Gum and Bird Tree. A couple of huge old gum trees. We also ended up visiting Rainbow Beach NSW. So much development going on in this area.

4 June 2019

We spent last night amped near the Pub with No Beer.  From here we headed further into the mountains to visit a couple of lookouts. We certainly gave 4WDaus a great workout on the gradients throughout Gumbaynggir National Park including the infamous Jacobs Ladder.

5 June 2019

Today we headed into see Red Rock before taking the trail less traveled north. We happened upon Slovenski Monument in the middle of the National Park. This was built in 1957 by a Jonas Slovenski, who was famous for working in the bush in the nude and practising tight rope walking. It’s constructed from car and truck axles driven into the ground with hundreds of bottles on top surrounded by chicken wire and rendered with cement.

6 June 2019 – 9 June 2019

Headed into Brisbane today, before heading home to Rainbow Beach.