OKA 4WD, Australia’s Original Expedition Vehicle

OKA 4WD, Australia’s Original Expedition Vehicle.

Exciting News! – Update 7 Jan 2019

Today I received notification that OKA is back in Australia – Thanks Dean Robinson. I hear they are hard at work on the OKA RT – Very Cool! https://www.oka-atv.com/

In our round Australia trip in Walkabout 2006 we passed a few interesting tour buses and camper vans made by a Perth company named OKA Australia. In hind sight it was what got us interested in buying an Amesz 4WD Truck, also built by a Perth company.
In 2006 we dropped into the Perth manufacturing facilities where the first OKA NT1 was being built. We enjoyed the tour of the plant and it certainly left us excited.
Sadly today there are no new OKAs being made as the company has now closed up shop. But before they did, they had manufactured close to 500 vehicles. Their production included 3 models, XT, LT and NT. These models were available in a variety of body styles including cab-chassis, single cab, dual cab, multi cab and bus.

The original “XT” range entered commercial scale production in 1992 and came with a 4 cylinder 110hp Perkins Phaser engine.

The second version of the OKA was the “LT” and it was launched in 1995. It had some can differences and a remote mounted transfer case.

The third and final version was the “NT” was launched in 2006 which had an automatic gear box and a 3.9 litre Cummins ISBe 170 hp (125kW) engine. This provided a high torque economical solution.

The only web site today you can access of OKA is an archived version at http://web.archive.org/web/20121021203320/http://www.oka.com.au/ as the company has ceased to exist sadly.