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Travels during 2006

Our web page commences July 2006 in Brisbane Australia, east coast about half way up or down depending on you point of view. We (Steve and Alison) have worked for many years in our respective professions and in some ways neglected the things in life that are really important to us both. The “rut” of life had caught us and we really needed to shake it loos

We had often talked about how we wanted to see the Northern Territory and the North West Coast of Western Australian, but had never found the way to get there. So instead of doing it all by half measures, we finished up our jobs, packed the vehicle and left home on the 1 August 2006 with no definite return date.

Photography is a passion for both of us, and the opportunity to practice would be easy, so the obvious answer to sharing this passion with family, loved ones and other like minded people is through this web page. So please enjoy and send us your feed back so as to inspire us. The other member of our family we could not bring is Tia our cat, but she is in safe and caring hands with a friend Ellie, in Brisbane.

Our Trip

Our trip plan was simply, north to Cooktown, turn left and follow our nose. We hoped to take in Darwin, Alice Springs, Derby, Broome, Tom Price, Kimberly & Exmouth to name a few areas.

Adventures 2006