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Travels during 2009

Two years behind us, Walkabout, our 6months on the road, circumnavigating Australia, seemed like a distant memory. With the world economy in tatters, it seemed we were not likely to see the open road again for some years to come. Fortunately, Alison’s business is continuing to gain momentum and an opportunity of work on the other side of Australia presented itself. So we packed the 4WD up for a quick run across Australia.Those who know us, knew it would not be by the quickest route! So read on to see a quick view of Australia’s bottom edge. This is the story of the our quick run from Brisbane to Perth via the Nullarbor.

Adventures 2009

Day 3 – Flinders Rangers

Day 3 – Flinders Rangers

Day 3 - Silverton to Flinders Ranges Dec 29 2008 It was a cool night which surprised us both. It’s the middle of summer and we were wishing we had...

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