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Travels during 2010

Alison Lives in Dhaka Bangladesh

Alison was fortunate to be contracted to a company in Dhaka, Bangladesh where she experience an incredible lifestyle in an amazing country. Her time there took her to many places including the slums, the city and the country. She found many friends there and much to see and photograph. It was a culture shock arriving and she was very sad to leave. An experience that changed her view on the world and life in general.

Christine and Alison in the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is one of the most beautiful, uncomplicated places in the world. Recently I was lucky enough to spend a week in the Solomon Islands. My Best Friend Christine Volp, who is an experienced diver was there to share in the fun. We both have a ball and we treasure the memories of this trip forever.

Adventures 2010

Sister Gloria Rozario

Sister Gloria Rozario

16 Oct 2010 Met Sister Gloria Rozario and took a beautiful photo of her with a local fisherman’s wife. I later sent a copy of the photos to her and...

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