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It has been a long time since we have had time off together to do anything. The long hard hours Alison has been putting into her business have been considerable, so we decided that a  trip to Cooktown would be a good thing to do. Alison was to fly in on the 1st and we would be taking it slowly up the coast to simply provide some much needed rest. As Alison only has time off from her main client, we will be staying in mobile service range to ensure her other clients are looked after. That’s the life when you are self-employed. Thank you Kosta for making it possible.


We have always looked at the Nowendoc area on the map, but never taken the time to explore. We headed off with no idea what we would find or which route to take, but sometimes these are the best trips. We travelled many a dead end track, but eventually found our way through the area and thoroughly enjoyed our time here.


Adventures 2013

North Queensland Trip Day 2

North Queensland Trip Day 2

3 August 2013 Kinkuna to Bundaberg and Bustard Beach. Steve was up with the sunrise this morning and was rewarded with some wonderful photos. After...

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