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My Art is My Photography - Enjoy!
Alison Kruger

Alison Kruger


“Why do I take pictures?” That is certainly a question that I have been asked repeatedly. Interestingly, I still do NOT have a definitive answer. I believe I love to take photographs for a range of reasons. Sometimes I love to capture a moment so it is preserved for history sake. Other times I take a photo as an outlet of my creative side. In this day and age, it is my art; just like some people use a paint brush and a canvas. I like to work in Nikon’s RAW images as it allows me to bring up the best there is in my images. This means it is not simply point, shoot and publish. It is capture, quality and develop. I must admit sometimes it is very cool just to freeze a moment or publish an adventure so I can view it again when I am too old to travel. Many of my photos are also a personal challenge, whether that is taking photos of the moon, stopping a speed boat or getting the best photo in the light available.

I also find that my mood also affects which of the images I have taken I enjoy the most. Therefore in this section of our web page you will find the photos I have taken that I love the most. I hope you also like them and they invoke a feeling or memory for yourself.



PS As you can see in my logo – Yes I am certainly a Nikon girl!