The Pinnacles

Nambung National Park or as it is more commonly named "The Pinnacles" is one of the most amazing places a photographer can visit in Australia. Located about 200kms north of Perth it was my favourite place.

Gallery - The Pinnacles

Nambung National Park

Located about 200kms north of Perth it was my favourite place to visit when I worked in Perth for 6 months. The Pinnacles have been sculptured by Mother Nature using her tools of wind, rain, vegetation, sun and patience. Over the months I visited this site I found how the colours changed as the light changed.

The first photograph is a wonderful reminder of owning a brand new camera, with a brand new wide-angle lens in a foggy alien landscape.

The second photo is one of my favourites as the shadows create a beautiful scene.

The last photograph shows how The Pinnacles Desert changes its colours during the day when compared to the previous photo.

Some interesting facts about The Pinnacles / Nambung National Park:

  • Some Pinnacles range in height from a few milimetres to over 5m
  • First appeared on Dutch maps in 1658s
  • Some of the Pinnacles have names like The Turtle, The Cathedral, The Whale, Casper the Ghost.
  • The best time to see the Pinnacles is spring from August to October
  • The best time to photograph The Pinnacle formations is early morning or late afternoon as the colours and shadows work their magic