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Angles and Perspective!


Steve Kruger

Welcome to Steve Kruger’s Photography Galleries, That’s the official name for my Galleries of Favourite Photos.

Like Alison, photography is a great passion of mine. My interests are rather diverse, covering a multitude of different subjects and styles.

As well as contributing travelogue style photography for this web page, I love photographing cars and trucks of all makes, models and vintages (I frequent as many car and truck shows as I can, as well as capturing all the rusty old cars and trucks we see travelling around Oz) . I have been posting images to my Google+ profile over the past 4 years with a reasonable amount of success, and while the majority of my posts have been car and truck related, I also post to such topics as Night Photography (e.g. Sydney Vivid Festival) and what I call Rustic Decay i.e. anything old, decaying or rusty!!!

Another important subject for me, in addition to the above, is capturing the old and quickly disappearing history and buildings of the Australian countryside. This includes all the old Homesteads, Barns, Shearing Sheds, Outhouses and sundry buildings. The older the better.

And so this section of will be a collection of galleries and articles, in no particular order, representing a selection of some of my favourite images and topics. Each of the Sections below contain multiple Albums and Galleries. Some will have additional stories and information.. Just click on a link and enjoy my favourite photographic moments.

Portfolio Highlights