Quick Trip To Rainbow Beach

9 May 2017

With the cancellation of a trip due to rain behind us, our last chance to catchup with Neil and Connie before they head back to Germany would be Bunya Mountains. So with in mind we headed off to catch up with them. As we left later in the day the first stop was Toogoolawah. This little town has free camping next to a railway station in their main street, so cool. It is nice to have these facilities and we generally spend locally to support the supermarket as thanks. Irony, it rained all afternoon and evening with a few breaks.

10 May 2017

Drove to Bunya

So good to see Neil and Connie – although their SLRV Adventurer is looking decidedly muddy.

Dinner out at local restaurant – just so so yummy!

11 May 2017

Walk through the local Bunya Forest.

12 May 2017

Good bye to great friends as we headed for Rainbow Beach and them for Brisbane (ultimately Germany)

13 – 15 May 2017

Rested up in Rainbow Beach