Rainbow Beach to Jurien Bay

1 November 2021

Well here we are 5,000 kms from Jurien and our house has settled – WooHoo!

3 November 2021

Dropped Steve’s 4WD off at the car transporters.

4 November 2021

The removalists arrived to pack our container for uplifting to Jurien Bay. We had planned to spend 2 weeks isolated in SA on our return trip to WA. To our joy, the WA border with Qld was opening the next. This would mean no delay in getting back to WA so we decided to get back as fast as we could in case the rules changed again. Also a major weather event was moving in on SA, and we were keen not to get caught with a closed road.

5 November 2021

6am – Said our goodbyes to Gavin and Lexie and headed west. Found Camp west of Quilpie at 7pm.

Fuelled up – 4WDAUS and the Patrol ready for the trip ahead!

6 November 2021

Crossed back into SA at the Nappa Merrie Crossing point at 12:20pm.

It was back into the Strezleki Desert and back to our camp spot near Leigh Creek. Just as we left the desert, the rain started. This was just the lead up to the major rain event.

7 November 2021

Another long day of driving, we made it to Bookabie at sunset to photograph our beloved truck,

From there we headed back to our camp spot just west of the old truck. The day was not without its dramas, with Steve blowing a tyre on the patrol 5:30pm just short of Ceduna. The tyre broke the guard and destroyed the mudflap. Ouch! Driving through Cednua, zero chance of getting a spare so we decided to risk the remaining trip without a spare.

8 November 2021

Another long day of driving. We arrived at the SA/WA border at Border Village just after 9am. The rain started just as we cleared the checkpoint and we were relieved to be back in WA. For the rest of the day we made good time until we were 8kms west of Cocklebibby, where Steve blew another tyre on the patrol. This also damaged the guard and mudflap. We were so lucky a stranger lent Steve a tyre to get back to Cocklebiddy Roadhouse.

The people here were just wonderful to us and we had two tyres on a truck out of Norseman to us by 9:30pm that night. We also had a wonderful meal at the roadhouse to celebrate being in WA.

9 November 2021

By 8:30am the guys had our new tyres fitted and we were back on the road. Camped at Yellowdine for the night.

10 November 2021

Headed off again via Northam to home at Jurien Bay, glad the move was over. We were both exhausted, but now we have a house to rest in.