Robyn Davidson – One Incredible Woman

Day 216 – 4 Oct 2015

Woke to find a dingo and pup searching for scraps around the truck. They were very timid and quickly took off. We left well 33 about 6:15 am on a very well maintained road named Jenkins
Track. We then passed the grader and his trailers not far down the track. His camp was the lights we had seen in the distance last night. As the track ahead was reported as being sandy, we adjusted tire pressures. We also placed a towel on the passenger window to keep the sun out for a while. The temperature in the cabin at 7 am was 27 degrees and rising.

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I must admit, I was quite excited today to be travelling through some of the countries where my hero Robyn Davidson crossed in 1977. The journey was made into a film in 2013 named Tracks, this movie narrates her journey from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. Robyn’s route took her 2,700 km through the southern side of the Gibson Desert and Pitjinjarra country, with just 4 camels and her dog. Truly an amazing person. I own the movie Blu Ray and must admit I watch it regularly. We are quite a few km north of the journey Robyn Davidson took, on the northern side of the Gibson Desert. I also like Robyn, just love the desert.

Arrived at Gary Junction at 7.15 am Signed book. Took scans of the book with the iPad. Old books in the container went back to 2004.

Headed off to Jupiter Well.

Arrived at Jupiter Well turnoff just before 10 am. Went and had a quick look at the original site of the Jupiter Well. Set up in camp just after 10 am in the shade of some beautiful She Oaks.
Still quite warm at around 33 degrees, rising to about 37 later in the afternoon.

Had lunch, downloaded photos and GPS tracks then, Alison watched a movie, while Steve read his book.

After the movie, the temp was coming down but was still quite warm at 35.5 degrees, so we went out to the well and had a satisfyingly cool water fight. Much better.

The steaks tonight on the Weber were just excellent.