South towards the Gibson Desert

Day 215 – 3 Oct 2015

After taking some last minute photos of Running Waters, and packing up the truck, we finally said goodbye to our oasis, and put our mind to a safe exit.


With Steve walking in front again to guide the way, we slowly inched our way forward over the tortuous rock path. One of the last overhanging trees took a bit of negotiating, and required
the use of our wooden blocks to keep the sides of the truck from scraping along the side of the tree.

4WDaus Outback Pano 02 4WDaus Outback Pano

One of the first landmarks you pass is the “Two Sisters” as you head towards Telfer mine.

Two Sisters WA 01

The size of the mine is truly staggering. I believe Newcrest Mining operates the mine. The nice thing about the mines is there is sometimes Telstra mobile available. This is the case here and was the last mobile coverage we had before reaching well into Northern Territory.

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By the way, these were not our wheel tracks. It is sometimes very sad to see that someone just has to destroy to area for the next people to see.

Road Home Day 1-11 Road Home Day 1-13 Road Home Day 1-14

Short drive from the mine is Lake Dora followed by Punmu community, Lake Auld and Kunawaritji Community.

We arrived into Well 33 on the canning stock route on sunset.

Well 33 Canning Stock Route

As well settled into the evening we soon discovered our camper water pump had failed. It was later revealed, it had filled with bull dust. The evening quickly cooled.