Scrubmaster Travel Truck

26 March 2016

Today was a 7 am start up the goat track towards Grant to ensure no one is coming down to Talbotville towards the man truck. So Steve and I took the lead to block the road. All went well and Andy’s MAN was back on wide tracks again.

Breakfast was taken at the top of the steep goat track. The team quickly put together a wonderful breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and beans. This was eaten to the back drop of a rising sun with clouds and mist lifting from the valleys and mountain tops.

Soon we were lead vehicle heading for Harriotville for a mid-morning coffee. Shortly after this we all made out way to a very crowded township of Bright where we met two lovely Queenslanders, Lesley and Stuart. They own an “Expedition anywhere travel trucks – Scrubmaster”. What a cool vehicle weighing just 4.5 tonnes. They are certainly in for some awesome adventures.


From here some of us made our way to Brown Brothers winery before we all met up again at Oxley camping ground for our final night as a group.


The final night was spent sitting around, eating violet crumble and sipping port. A wonderful night before 12 weary happy people headed for their Amesz.