Time to Explore

16 June 2021

Spent another great night with Mianne in the Alice Springs show grounds, coffee supplied was once again the best we have tasted! Mianne decided to head for Ayres Rock after getting her van fixed.

Sadly, the events of the last few days had totally floored us, so we decided to just get away from everyone for a few days to try and get back into a better place. We had not done the West MacDonnells since 2000, so it was time to re-live some good memories. By 5pm we arrived at camp not far from Birthday Waterhole. It felt good to being away from people.

17 June 2021

After a little sleep in, we headed further west to Ellery Creek Big Hole. Next stop was Orimiston George before we found camp for the night.

18 June 2021

We have been awaiting mail delivery to Friday, so we headed to Alice Springs today. Passing the show grounds we saw Jo and Anna in the SLRV on a drive and could see Martin and Renate at camp. We caught up with Martin and Renate (also Carl and Annie turned up) and found Martin burnt his hand in a fire and was in some discomfort. Carl and Annie reported a blown front oil seal. Turns out Jo and Anna have broken a windscreen. Talk about the walking wounded.

From here we planned to drive to Katherine so we shopped and took on fuel and water. After leaving we changed our mind and took the Sandover Highway where we camped for the night.

19 June 2021

Today we travelled further north and decided to follow Binns Track into the Davenport Ranges.Travel from Alice Springs  – on to Plenty Highway, then on to Sandover and Binns Track. Camped next to Errolola Rockhole next to Binns Track.

20 June 2021

Amazing sunrise this morning which flooded Errolola Rockhole with colours of red.

Travel to on to Old Police Station Waterhole via Hatches Creek Ruins. Appears Hatches Creek, an old Tungsten Mine, maybe not so abandoned with 2 newish looking containers and test drive bags across the site.

21 – 22 June 2021

Old Police Station Waterhole. Rest days. Alison explored the waterhole area each day – walking 3kms up and down the Frew Rvier and finding more waterholes and gorges.

23 June 2021

Travelled to Epenarra Station. Visited Station store. Reasonable stock where we bought some frozen bread and mince. Thunderstorms all night about 4-5mm.

24 June 2021

Tried the private track up to the Barkly Highway. After about 10k decided the track was getting too wet, so turned back and decided to stay another day.

25 – 27 June 2021

Rest days. Catch up on photos and internet.

OK what started out a rest day changed at noon to a 450km trip to town for food, water and fuel. Darwin, Palmerston and Litchfield were locked down due to Covid-19. As we only had a few days of water and food left we decided to shop earlier, as later could be problems. As we were leaving Tenant Creek, the police had moved to prevent crazy buying and limited purchases to items like milk to 1 item.

Arrived back at our waterhole near Epenarra Station at 8pm – a crazy day indeed!

28 – 30 June 2021

Rest day as we wait on the world to go past and makes its mind up on how the NT will progress on Covid-19 from here! Caught up with Carl and Annie last night – the oil leak on their MAN was not good and it had been towed back to Adelaide with warranty repairs. To our surprise they were back in Tasmania awaiting the repairs.