Up Up Up Where the Air is Clear

29 March 2016

We had mild night weather last night. Awoke to the kangaroos cleaning the Park BBQ.

Today we climbed the road along Mt Kosciuszko before taking a quick look around Thredbo. Then it was on to Jindabyne where it was time for coffee and a little Internet. We found a camp on the edge of Lake Jindabyne. Early afternoon the weather closed in and it started to rain.

30 March 2016

Rain much of last night turning what appeared to be sandy soil to clay. Fortunately we had not gone down a steep hill to camp as getting out this morning would have been more difficult.

Coffee at Jindabyne.

Up the mountain we went again as there was a slight hope the skies might clear. By the time we arrived at Charlotte Pass it had clouded over and Mt Kosciuszko was hidden by cloud.


Charlotte-Pass-Alison Charlette-Pass-Dave-and-Jill

From here we worked our way to Guthega Dam, the Hydro station and onto to Island Bend. It was here my father with his father delivered huts for the workers on the snowy river construction.

Guthega-Dam-Pano Guthega-Hydro-Station

We decided to camp here on the edge of the river.

4WDaus-at-Island-Bend Scarlet-Brested-Robyn

31 March 2016

The weather this morning looked clear and blue, so we decided to take another run at Mt Kosciuszko and yes we could see it easily today.


Yes thats Mt Koscioszko with no cloud – YAH!

Mt-Kosciuszko-Pano-Clear-Day Pistonbully

After a few more photo stops heading down to Jindabyne it was time to say goodbye to Dave and Jill as they headed for Canberra and us for the coast near Bega. Amazing to think we went from 1836m at Charlotte Pass to sea level at the beach at Tathra.


Camped in State Forest by a lake with the sounds of bell birds.