The Weather Turns Nasty!

22 September 2017

With the drop in heat today we decided it was time to make further progress towards the West Coast. Our progress west was met with some resistance, a strong headwind that grew in strength as the day progressed.

By the time we had reach Leonora for fuel and food, the dust whipped up by the strong wind was horrible. Having only travelled a few hundred kilometres today, we decided it would be better setting up camp early and sitting the wind storm out. We camped near Gwalia Ghost town.

23 September 2017

With a new day and the calm of the morning, it was time to get some images of Gwalia Museum and Ghost town.

After a few hours it was time to start off again, this time heading north. Exploring along the way we found an un-named Breakaway which offered excellent shelter from the wind. It was decided this would be a great spot to spend the night.

24 September 2017

We woke this morning to find we had some curious goats looking at us from the tops of the cliffs. They made excellent photographic subjects high on the cliffs.

First stop today was Leinster for milk and bread. Sadly, the little BHP run IGA had many empty shelves and mouldy bread still on the shelves. Luckily we found some frozen bread and no fat milk. Our next stop was Sandstone where we were able to fly under the London Bridge. OK I will let you work that one out from the video. It was here we met a large group of off road bikers who we spent some time hearing about their travels as we ate lunch.

From here we made our way towards Cue where we camped at Garden Granites.

During the evening, it started to rain, this was a taste of what was to come.

25 September 2017

This morning we visited Cue. I think this is the prettiest outback town I have ever seen with its heritage restored buildings and manicured gardens.

We the rain getting heavier we decided to stay on the bitumen and start south west towards the Indian Ocean. We took some time out to explore Mount Magnet which appears to be in the centre of many mines. After a quick break it was time to head to Camel Soak for the night.

26 September 2017

Another rainy night gave way to a rainy day. Sadly this limited our exploration for wildflowers, so we decided to slip into Cervantes to spend a few quiet days. Not much goes un-noticed in small towns and as we did a shop in Jurien IGA we ran into our friend Sonia. Next stop being Cervantes we then decided to catch up with Brian and Gloria. Leaving their place we then bumped into Ivan. Its a small world but wonderful world and it is great being back amongst friends!

27 September 2017

Rest Day spent catching up on showers (thank you John) and internet (thank you Ivan).