Westcoast Bound 2018

Road Trip 2018

14 August 2018

Today we headed off, bound for Cervantes for another year. First stop was Brisbane for a couple of days.

16 August 2018

Today we took the expressway to Grafton before turning into one of our favourite camping spots near Ebor.

18 August 2018

Arrived at Tamworth for a few days.

22 August 2018

Arrive at Sydney – catch up with Kosta, Albert and the gang. Also take the opportunity to walk to a WWII bridge and seethe Christmas display at Myers.

25 August 2018

Onto the Hume highway and off to the west! Camped at Berry Jerry Forest and saw a beautiful sunset!

26 August 2018

Today we headed for Balranald. Along the way we visited a cotton storage depot, the Hay Shearers attraction and Balranald Station.

27 August 2018

Today was another driving day, we aimed on camping on the Murray River in South Australia tonight.

28 August 2018

Today another long driving day – end point Hancock Lookout.

29 – 30 August 2018

Storms approaching and time to batten down at Kimba for a couple of days. Kath and Darryl, who we are meeting at on the Nullarbor had just reached Norseman. We abandoned Gawler Ranges as it would have received considerable rain.

31 August 2018

Today we hoped the majority of the storm front was over. We headed for Yatala where we estimated Kat and Darryl would be. We topped up with fuel and food at Ceduna. It was so nice meeting up with great friends. They were off to a meet up of the Amesz truck for Murray River Sunset NP.