New England Tablelands

When friends arrived in from Cervantes and Derby, it was time to hit the road to the New England Tablelands and the TCMF2017 (Tamworth Country Music Festival).

A hot evening at Mt Cootha Lookout

A hot evening at Mt Cootha Lookout

Coffee at Uralla – tasted awesome

As we made our way to Tamworth we stopped off at Dangars and Uralla. It turns out Fred (one of the friends from Derby) has relations in the Uralla cemetery, so we set off to discover his past.

Camping in the New Englands 2017

Sadly, Dangars Falls was completely dry, even after large falls in the last 2 days in the area. So as the night set in, out came the guitar and some good old fashion camp fire singing. Great Night and a great warm up to the next week spent in Tamworth.

Next morning it was off to Gostwyck Chapel to see the beautiful church.

Gostwyck Chapel Uralla

Arriving in Tamworth, it was time to catchup with many friends with a BBQ at the Paradise Caravan Park before taking in the music and events over the 10 days of the festival. As there is quite a few photos rom our time there, I have created a gallery TCMF2017.

With the TCMF over, it was time to head back along the Great Dividing Road towards Brisbane. First stop being Point Lookout NSW.

Point Lookout NSW Collage

It was decided to camp at Cloud Creek where we satin the creek to wash off the days dust. Later that night it was out with the guitar and I was able to spot light eels in the creek.

Camping in the New Englands 2017

The next day we decided to head for Brisbane, but not without sticking to the back roads. Lunch was in Nimbin.

Border Crossing QLD / NSW

Nimbin Collage

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