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Steve and Alison Kruger are at peace when they are in the outback. If you relate to this and you are addicted to 4WDriving across this amazing country as we are, then read away. Our blogs are filled with beautiful landscape photographs, nature and even the odd rusty relic, so there is something here for everyone, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve covered quite a bit of Australia over the years and loved every minute of it. Below we have recorded many of our experiences and have preserved them here with beautiful photographic records. There is so much to experience and it isn’t until you get off the beaten track, that you get to see how raw and beautiful this continent is.

We have given titles to the various journeys we’ve done and have recorded anything of relevance along the way by way of blog posts and photography. Feel free to browse through the various trips below and they’ll take you to a page with more information (and blog posts) about the trip. Hopefully, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to travel in this wonderful country and you may find you are inspired to plan your escape into the outback of Australia.

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Amesz_High_CountrySteve Kruger and Alison Kruger just love to travel and are pleased to present their travel photographic galleries for you to see. You will find they love to take travel photographs of many varied subjects; you can usually find them both hidden behind their lenses. This could be photographing a cityscape, a vivid landscape, an animal, the subtle colours of a sunset or sunrise or even just a person going about their life. Their styles are different even though they are both taking photographs in the same locations.
Their expedition vehicle, 4WDAUS the subject of many a photo, is a wonderful vehicle to be able to explore the outback areas of Australia. It allows them to be in the right place to capture events easily and in comfort.

They do recommend you read their Travel Blog if you want to get the full picture so to speak of the fun and times we have travelling, but if you want to see some of the essences of the world we love, this page, their Travel Galleries provides another way to view their travels through their lenses.

Be sure to introduce yourself if you see us on the road, we would love that!

Blog Posts From Recent Trips

Rainbow Beach to Jurien Bay

1 November 2021 Well here we are 5,000 kms from Jurien and our house has settled - WooHoo! 3 November 2021 Dropped Steve's 4WD off at the car...

Jurien Bay to Rainbow Beach

The Plan So much planning has gone into the next rushed trip to Rainbow Beach. The plan was to drive 4WDaus there and back, spending 2 weeks...


4 - 10 September 2021 It was certainly great to arrive at the familiar surroundings of Nambung Station. Time to rest up, catch up with friends, and...