Day 70 – 12 May 2015

Today we left our bush camp and moved further north. First stop for the day was Niagara Falls, then Kookynie, followed by Malcom and Gwalia. Niagara Dam is near Niagara Falls and a large Grey Nomad camping area. There were buses and vans everywhere. So glad we did not have plans to stay there, just too many people. The local falls are approximately 3 metres (10 ft) in height and only run after heavy rain.

Kookynie clam to fame is it was the first town in the goldfields to have a public swimming pool. Today, there is little there, except some crumbling walls of homes and businesses from a distant past and rusty cars.


Malcom is another abandoned mining town with little left to see.


Last stop for the day was Gwalia, wow it was an amazing find; rusty old buildings, cars, wares and a museum. Very cool. So interesting we stayed for a few days and took many photos.

Gwalia Ghost Town Sunset 2

Day 71 – 13 May 2015

Day in Gwalia exploring and yes its cold, especially as 7am waiting for the right light for a capture.

Steve and Alison Gwalia

Gwalia Machine Shop Gwalia Machine Shop Sunset

Day 72 – 14 May 2015

Day in Gwalia exploring, Bush walked to the top of a Mt Leonora today and was rewarded with amazing views for kilometres is every direction. Even had a Wedge Tail Eagle soared a few metres about our heads for 1/2 hour. One of those times I really wanted to have my camera with me. Bugger!

Gwalia State Hotel

Day 73 – 15 May 2015

Day in Gwalia exploring

Kookynie_Steve-2 Kookynie_Steve-7 Kookynie_Steve-4

Gwalia ghost town is really something you should see. So much care has been taken in leaving (and restoring) the town to a distant past. Add the excellent museum and you have the ability to loose days taking photos and looking through the past. I know Steve had a ball taking many photos and below as some of them.

Gwalia_Transtrabant_Steve-1 Gwalia_Township_Museum_Steve-5 Gwalia_Township_Museum_Steve-14 Gwalia_Township_Museum_Steve-15 Gwalia_Township_Museum_Steve-33

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