29 November – 1 December 2014

Day 10

As promised by the BOM  the winds picked up and the ocean became angry – not a pleasant day. No Swim!

Day 11

Well I decided not to let the winds stop my swim today. Felt good to be back in the surf once more. But must admit that the constant noise of the ocean and the salt spray can get a bit much – it will be good to leave tomorrow. There has been so more salt spray that there are salt crystals formed on the flyscreens.

Day 12

Quite a full day of an action  today. Packed up early and headed to Bundaberg. First job for Steve was to pump the tyres back to road pressures again. The Amesz has its own Air Tool System which makes this job a breeze for Steve.

Of course first stop in Bundaberg had to be a coffee shop – mmmmmmmmm did it taste so good. Then shopping to restore some of the food supplies used over the last 11 days. The next order of business was for me to go for my driving test to upgrade to a LR (Light Rigid)  truck licence. I am happy to report that  I can now drive the Amesz without supervision after only 3 years of driving on Ls. Of course this means Steve can have a beer and not worry while I drive. Hmm did I get the short straw?

OK next job really needed to be done – wash the truck. After one false start with a car wash that was closed because of renovations, we got to it. Interesting job finding a car wash that takes a 3.4m tall vehicle. Amesz all washed! Oh yes – we had to borrow a ladder to wash the top!

Amesz Wash Down s

Jobs done! Now it’s time to do some exploring around the area. We have always wanted to see Baragara and Elliot beach Heads.Interesting towns on the beach front. Maybe too much wind and salt for our liking now!!!

 Not wanting to put the Amesz back near the beach, we then decided to leave Bundaberg and head south. As it was starting to get a bit late for reaching the next destination we headed for a nearby state forest.

It is amazing how quiet it is without the constant driving wind and ocean roar. A couple of kms in from the highway we found a quiet spot to tuck ourselves away for the night. Steve even found himself an old dozer to photograph. Bonus!!!  He really does a great job of old machinery.

Wongi Bull Dozer

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