24 November – 26 November 2014

Day 5

Quiet day in camp today. If you walk anywhere but on the beach there is no wind or breeze, and it feels like the temperature is about 5 degrees hotter. Wind is still a little strong, but this did not deter our daily swim.

Day 6

Awoke to no breeze this morning.

A morning walk was certainly on the agenda. During the morning walk we found debris from a boat. Not much left except the stern. Could not find a name on it.

On returning from our walk we decided a swim was in order. The tide is getting high later in the morning now which is making the swim more pleasant.

At lunch time the Weber BBQ was brought out for the big juicy lamb chops we had defrosted from the fridge. Lucky we decided on a BBQ for lunch and not dinner as the wind picked up later in the day making it a little unpleasant outside. And as Steve had left behind the extra gas hose for the Weber, we would not have been able to relocate the BBQ behind the truck out of the wind.

Day 7

Bundaberg is famous for its turtle rookery. Named Mon Repos Regional Park, the turtles start nesting in this area early November. I have never been aware of turtles nest in the area we are camped, but on our walk this morning we found tracks on the sand. The tracks are not obvious, but are characterised by a flat section in their middle. You can see in the photo of a track up the beach and another one down again. We have not seen tracks like these since our stay on 80 Mile Beach in WA.

Turtle Tracks 01

If you look carefully, you can see were the eggs were laid. The mother has camouflage the nest carefully, before she returned back the ocean. Usually, these eggs will hatch sometime in January.

Turtle Nest 01

For afternoon tea today – scones and strawberry jam mmmm.


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