23 April 2010

Today we decided to dive and then take it easy around the resort. Of course this meant sleeping in the hammock on the beach and visiting the Sanbis Bar. The meals here have been wonderful with lobster or cray served in a variety of ways. Yum!

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Toa Maru No 2 – Gizo
My dive on the Toa Maru was the first wreck dive I had done in the Solomon Islands. I had always heard the dives here were some of the best in the world. Unfortunately, due to the depth this dive would go – it was way beyond the capacity of my Olympus Camera. The dive starts off in about 10m of water as the Toa Maru was scuttled onto the beach after being mortally attacked by American aircraft or the American
submarine USS Searaven (there are a couple of stories I have been told) on 25 November 1943. As I descended to the stern along the 140 long decks I found my depth gauge reading close to 40m. I have to agree with my diving buddy that is one of the South Pacific’s most impressive World War II shipwrecks. Visibility is excellent and I could see tanks, bombs, sake bottles, medical supplies, and even a motor bike. Location is Ironbottom Sound Gizo.

American Hellcat Fighter Plane – Gizo
My dive on the Hellcat which is a plane that is close to completely intact was lying in a lagoon in just 10m of water. This is the perfect depth for the Olympus camera and I had a great time taking many photos as there was plenty of light at that level. I was also told the Hellcat was shot down by another American plane – DOH!

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