Day 41 – 13 April 2015

Coffee was high on the agenda today, so we headed off to Victor Harbour to satisfy this need and then on to Adelaide via Hahndorf. The day start off cold, grey and wet and cast a less than pretty view of Victor Harbour. Never the less the coffee was good. The autumn colours are really starting to show in the area so we headed off then to Hahndorf for lunch. The colours on the drive there and in the small German settled town were incredible. Lunch was in a little café.

Mt Lofty was our next stop before we headed into Adelaide for the night. While we were researching places to stay, we had a visit from a local named Luke who loved the Amesz and 4WDriving. He had a Toyota Ute which also nicely done up for 4Wdriving.

Day 42 – 14 April 2015

Sleeping in the city in a caravan park is certainly different and something we have not missed, so we didn’t need much encouragement to pack up early. From here we walked passed Adelaide Zoo into Adelaide to catch up with a friend for coffee and run some errands. By mid-afternoon, it was time to fill up with fuel (168 litres @ $1.145) and drive to Gawler. Our mail was waiting at the post office, the first mail we have had since leaving home.

Camp was found in Greenock Recreation Park.

Hahndorf_Steve-13 Hahndorf_Steve-17 Hahndorf_Steve-16 Hahndorf_Steve-15 Hahndorf_Steve-14 Hahndorf_Steve-12 Hahndorf_Steve-11 Hahndorf_Steve-10 Hahndorf_Steve-9 Hahndorf_Steve-8 Hahndorf_Steve-7 Hahndorf_Steve-6 Hahndorf_Steve-5 Hahndorf_Steve-4 Hahndorf_Steve-3 Hahndorf_Steve-2 Hahndorf_Steve-1 Hahndorf Puppets Hahndorf Cafe 1839 Hahndorf Church German Arms Hotel Bar

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