Day 33 – 5 April 2015

Today is my birthday and I was lucky enough to receive calls from my friends and family. This is everthing that makes the day wonderful. We spent the day again on the cliff tops as we waited for Easter to finish. With a little time on my hands, I decided to do up a new image in my “Sometimes you gotta ignore the GPS” series. Steve also cooked up a chocolate cake to celebrate the day.

Amesz Ignore GPS Renmark

Don’t you just love that speed boat coming up the river?

Day 34 – 6 April 2015

This morning’s weather forecast predicted an overcast wet and windy day. The morning gave no such indication, with blue skies and crisp gentle breezes. We decided to get off the clay soils just in case the weather turned bad. First stop was the Headings Cliff Lookout, where we got a glimpse of what was headed out way today. The clouds seem to change within minutes – look at the difference in the following two photos taken 10 minutes apart!


Headings Cliff Lookout

Then as we were so close, we headed off to find the corner of Victoria, South Australia and NSW. We found this was not possible to drive to, and unless we wanted to get soaked, walking was out as well. But we did find some cool hay bales in the shapes of 2 teddy bears – just so cool!


By lunch time we had settled on the banks of the Murray River between Renmark and Berri, in the Murray River NP. Mid afternoon we decided it was time to make a break for less clay surroundings, and we actually required 4WD to get back to the main road. The clay just coats the tyres making the Amesz slip and slide. Lake Bonney looked great so we headed to camp there. We also needed 4WD here to get into camp. The weather has really turned yukkie and it is amazing how 5mm of rain can make roads impassable. However, even in storms there are photographic opportunities, I just loved these rays of light as they burst through the clouds.

Lake Bonney Sunburst Lake Bonney Amesz Sunburst

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