Day 64 – 6 May 2015

Rest day at Newman Rockhole – we took a few hours to walk along the creek to the dry lake. In many places the lake had a crust only a few mm thick with black mud below.

Newman_Rock__Steve-1 Newman_Rock__Steve-2 Newman_Rock__Steve-6

Newman_Rock__Steve-7 Newman_Rock__Steve-10 Newman_Rock__Steve-11 Newman_Rock__Steve-12 Newman_Rock__Steve-13 Newman_Rock__Steve-3

Newman Lake Pano Newman Lake Pano 1 Newman Creek Pano

Day 65 – 7 May 2015

OK this one I had to Google before I knew what we had seen. This morning we woke to find fog obscuring our sunrise, but in its place was a great big albino rainbow. But hang on rainbows are coloured, not white. It turns out we saw a Fogbow. Created be much smaller water droplets than rainbows, they are white in colour.

Fogbow at Newmans Rockhole 1

After a coffee or 2 it was time to leave Newman Rockhole for Kalgoorlie via Norseman.


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