Day 199 – 17 Sept 2015 to Day 201 – 19 Sept 2015


On our way on Charle Knife Gorge this morning, we got talking to the guys from 103rd Signal Squadron Townville, here on a training exercise.

Charles Knife Gorge Sunrise Charles Knife Gorge Morning Charles_Knife_Gorge_Pano-1

103rd Signal Squadron Townsville

After saying our goodbyes, we headed off the the coast. A day of snorklling and watching the whales breach off the coast was just lovely. Also found time to visit Yardie Creek to inspect the crossing and an aboriginal site. BTW although it is not possible to drive straight across Yardie Creek, is seems people are driving down the creek edge and crossing it at low tide at th ebeach mouth.

Yardie_Creek_2015-2 Yardie_Creek_2015-1


Another day of snorkling before happy hour back at camp.

Vlamingh_Lighthouse-1 Vlaming Head Lighthouse Exmouth Whales


Another day of snorkling before happy hour back at camp.

Exmouth_Wildflowers-1 Exmouth_Wildflowers-2 Exmouth_Wildflowers-3 Exmouth Sunset 01

Day 202 – 20 Sept 2015 to Day 204 – 22 Sept 2015

Returned to Charles Knife Gorge to update web page and rest before heading off.

Rest day at Charles Knife Gorge.

During the afternoon we were buzzed by 4 RAAF Jets and 2 RAAF Helicopters.

Next morning we were pulled up by a Amry checkpoint, it was amazing seeing their tent city with camouflage hidden on the side of a main road.

Helicopter RAAF A38-003

After travelling quiet some distance towards Tom Price we found a billabong and sat and watched the swans and their babies as the sun set.

Kazput Pool 002



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