Day 58 – 30 April 2015

Woke this morning to an 11 degree coolness, which the Webasto soon took care of. Looking out the window at breakfast 2 pods of dolphins made their way eastward along the beach. Today we decided to walk west down the coast and too our surprise we stumbled across 4 surfers. During our conversation we were told the weather would turn this weekend a lot colder and windier. So after a quick lunch we decided to head for the Nullarbor Plains so we could arrive at Koonalda Station on Friday. The drive overlooks through Nullarbor National Park is awesome (when you take the road less travelled) with the road hugging the cliff edge for kilometres. Camp on the clifftops overlook the cliffs and the Great Southern Ocean at about a height of 60m.

Nullarbor Cliffs Track Amesz Ignore GPS Nullarbor Plains Eyre Highway Sign

Day 59 – 1 May 2015

This morning’s sunrise was simply incredible. Let me paint the picture. Perched on the Nullarbor Cliffs, kilometres from anyone, winds flicking up the dust into the air and the sunrise igniting the colour. Ok here are the photos!

Nullarbor_Sunrise_Steve-4 Amesz on Nullarbor Sunrise

We set off early this morning for Koonalda Station to get some photos before the rains trapped us there.


We will cover Koonalda Station in a separate article as Steve took some excellent photos here.

No trip along the Nullarbor is complete without a visit to the excellent lookouts. Some are much better than others as they allow you to see the cliff as it extends eastward.


Much of the trip from Koonalda along the Eyre Highway was in light rain. The cloud front of the change was easily visible in the distance.

Nullarbor Weather Change

Border crossings we always like to celebrate with a photo, so before we cleared fruit inspection, and between the rain drops; here is the snap.

WA SA Bordertown

The next stop was the Eucla police station to pick up our long awaited new number plates, just so exciting. “4WDAUS” – 4WD Australia has now arrived.

Canter 4WD Australia

Last stop for the day was our favourite camp site near Eucla.

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